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Sucker Muller Sizing machine Ref.168057

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Sucker Muller Sizing machine Ref.168057  

(1) Brand: Sucker Muller;
(2) Years 2002; 
(3) Working width of Stock head maximum beam: 3.00 meters(118 Inch);
(4) 3 size box/ Trough; Volume of the main Trough is 280 L; 
(5) Max diameter of warp beams Disc 1000mm-1250mm; steam heating on sizing box/trough; 
(6) Sizing structure: pressure with indicators, Double Dip and double pressure structure;
(7) 20 cylinders dryers; 24 creel beams; 
(8) with 3 complete sets of high speed warping machines;
(9) Machine condition: stopped in mill floor and could run with power on;

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