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Germany Krantz Stenter K30 (Ref.168053)

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Stenter Specifications as below (Ref. 168053):

(1) Brand: Germany Krantz; 

(2) New machine Year: 2000;

(3) Working width: 2.2 meters = 87 inch (Roller width=95 inches=2.4 meters);

(4) Padder and Germany Mahlo weft straightener;

(5) Machine\'s condition: Running in mill floor;

(6) Chamber number: 6 chambers;

(7) Heating system: Oil heating;

(8) Chain system: Vertical Chain on pin;

Attn: (1) Such European Stenters are rare in the market, so kindly please make action as soon as possible, otherwise it will be sold out very soon because it is just after your Eid festival;

(2) The buyers can change for totally new gas burners with low cost, and with new gas burners this Stenter can serve your factory business for more than 20 years with excellent performance;

Regarding the price & more details, please send enquiry and email to us, thanks with regards.   Eason Liu (Mr. )
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