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Monforts/Montex copy, or IL-Sun/Sun-Super copy Stenters(Ref. 168688):

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We are very glad to offer the flowing Monforts Copy, or IL-Sun Copy Stenter as below:

Monforts/Montex copy, or IL-Sun/Sun-Super copy Stenters Specifications


(1) Working width:1.60 meters to 3.8 meters;

(2) Heating resources: thermal oil heating, or gas heating, or steam heating;

(3) Machine model: latest model;

(4) Chain system: chain on pin or clip or combination of chain & clip;

(5) Chambers no.:4 to 16 chambers as per the buyers requirement;

(6) Delivery period: 2 months after deposit ;

(7) Maintenance period: 18 months for free maintenance after trail productions;

(8) Machine price: it depends on the buyers selection from our 3 production base ;


Regarding the price & more details, please send enquiry and email to us, thanks with regards.

Eason Liu (Mr. )

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